The National Cinematheque of Ukraine is the assignee of "Kievnauchfilm" studio. In its funds there are more than five hundred films-participants and prize-winners of international and home festivals. During decades a unique film image archive was being created. There are three hundred thousand meters of tape and more than two hundred hours of film and video materials. Here can be found various sceneries - from Polar Regions to south deserts with their flora and fauna, frames of special kinds of shootings (micro, macro, slow motion, each frame, underwater etc. shootings). In section of agriculture one can find more specialized divisions such as horticulture, stockbreeding, agricultural facilities, melioration, gardening, viticulture. Also in section of industry there are materials about metallurgy, coal and oil mining, light and chemical industry, power engineering, building and transport (land air and water). There are numerous materials that are illuminating specific aspects of law, internal security organs, fire safety and forces. Also there is a considerable collection of films from different regions of former Soviet Union, Ukraine, especially Kiev. A great number of materials are dedicated to India (geography, history, culture, way of life). Separate sections are devoted to childhood, education, health care, national creative work, art. Also archive film materials are presented starting from the first half of the twentieth century until nowadays; from the First World War to the war in Chechnya, materials about wars in Vietnam and Middle East. A lot of works are illustrating prominent statesmen, figures of science, culture and art.
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