National Cinematheque of Ukraine (NCU) founded under the name of `Kyivnaukfilm` (`Kiev-science-film`), is one of the largest and well-known science and film studio in Europe. Since its foundation in 1941, it has produced more then 500 films, which were highly rewarded in Ukrainian and international film festivals. NCU was registered in the international `Golden book` (London, England, 1994 year, page 164).
 Many films of NCU belong to the notable phenomenon of the World cinematography. They represent Ukrainian feature, documentary and science films. Among them: `Language of animals`, `Do the animals think? `, `Indian yogis. Who are they? `, ` Seven steps to the skyline`, `Mustang-ambler`, `Domino`, `People dolphins`.
 NCU has prepared for demonstration the whole unique thematic series of films under the name of `Unknown Ukraine. The stories of the history`. This series consists of 144 films for 15-30min., devoted to unknown historical events of our country from ancient period till present days also to the history of Ukrainian military, low and medicine.
Authors of this big creative work used historical materials, authentic and verified facts, which gave them an opportunity to profoundly analyze the history of Ukraine and make highly artistic cinema.
 NCU is considered a leader in the field of science and documentary film in Ukraine. It has a great creative potential and a highly professional experience, which allow it to trust any interesting and fruitful proposals, concerning continued cooperation. We take the liberty to ensure the best level of the results of our cooperation.
Archives of NCU are the unique and valuable collection of film materials.

 NCU has own perfect technical equipment for film production used 35mm film gauge. There are laboratory for film development, film studios, special effects department complex of devices for air and submarine shooting, shop of the traditional and computer animation and the whole sound-track technique.
Highly professional staff of NCU realizes different kinds of film production: cinema and video films for broadcasting, advertising film, commercials, and visual publicity models. It provides foreign films with translation and also dubbing-in them.
The main activities of NCU are:
- preservation,
- restoration,
- systematization,
- edition,
- distribution.

 All science film, documentaries, features are systematized according main themes:
Science and Technology - Science and Technology
Culture and Art - Culture and Art
Religion - Religion
Ethnography and Folklorу - ETHNOGRAPHY AND FOLKLORE
Sociology and Philosophy - Sociology and philosophy
History and Archaeology - History and Archaeology
Аviation and Cosmonautics - АVIATION AND COSMONAUTICS
Psychology and Medicine - Psychology and Medicine
Ecology - Ecology
Nature - Nature
Cities of the Ukraine - Cities of the Ukraine
Ukrainian Armed Forces - UKRAINIAN ARMED FORCES
Sport - Sport
Chornobyl - Chornobyl
Fiction films - Fiction films
Pedagogics - Pedagogics