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Script Y. Alikov
Director F. Soboliev



Scientists aim to come to understand the language of animals. How do ants or bees transmit information to each other? How do birds or fishes speak? In what way monkey leader rules its flock? Why do dolphins like to communicate with people? Wonderful micro- and submarine filming, long camera observations let us permeate the unknown world of live nature.

The Jury Prize "Golden Statuette" at the International Children and Youth Film Festival, Teheran, 1969; the First Prize "Golden Dove" at the International Film Festival, Leipzig, 1969; the Prize "Golden Cup" at the International Film Festival, Pnom-Pehn, 1969; the Golden Medal and Diploma at the International Festival of Films on Nature, Budapest, 1971; the Honorable Diploma at the International Film Festival On Nature Protection, Belgrade, 1969; the Honorable Diploma of IAWF congress, Roma, Italy; the Honorable Diploma of the 2nd All-Union Children Film Festival, Tashkent, 1969; the Diploma and the First Degree Prize at the III All-Union Film Festival, Leningrad, 1968; the Diploma of the II Republican Children Film Festival, Odessa, 1970; the State Award of the USSR, 1972; the Honorable First Degree Diploma of the Lomonosov Award Committee, 1967.