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black & white
one reel, 280 m, 9'40", 35 mm
Ukrainian, Russian

Script Olena Boyko,
director Olena Boyko,
cameraman Artem Vasiliev
Production in co-operation with KDITM



The riddle of ippotherapy existed from the times of Hippocrates. Contact with horse brings relief to people without a hope to convalescence. Medicine still cannot give explanation to such phenomenon.
Special Prize of the jury on the VII Cinema Festival The open night, 2003. Laureate of the festival in nomination of Professional film of the II Ukrainian open festival of childs, youths cinema and television Crystal sources, 2003. Best student film of the II International festival of audio visual arts, Baku, 2003. Prize-winner in the nomination The hope of television of the VIII international cinema festival Autumn season -2003, in the nomination of the best non-fiction cinema of the IV student cinema festival Prologue, 2003, in the nomination for the best student work of creative university of Kiev of the II Ukrainian-wide cinema festival of documentary and science and documentary film Chronicler the red viburnum, 2003. Participant of the open documentary cinema festival Russian, 2003, of the international festival of documentary films Dokument ART, Germany, 2003, of the international student cinema festival ETIUDA, Poland, 2003, of the international cinema festival Molodist, Ukraine, 2003.