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Script L.Pekar
Director S.Shulman



Discovery of holography in the middle of the 20th century and new opportunities to achieve the effect of presence and volume.

The Grand-Prix, Golden Medal and Diploma at the V International Science Fiction Film Festival, Budapest, 1970; the Second Award and Diploma at the All-Union Film Festival, Minsk, 1970; the Special Prize and the Honorable Diploma at the International Film Festival of the XXV IAWF Congress, Kyiv, 1971; the Diploma at the VIII International Science Fiction Film Festival, Italy, 1970; the Grand-Prix "Big Garnet" and Diploma at the International Technical Film Festival, Pardubitsy, Czech SSR, 1970; Lomonosov Award, the II Degree Honorable Diploma by the Lomonosov Award Committee, 1969.